What is ACRI?

Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative is a training and membership network specialising in providing individuals and organisations with the highest level of child restraint training and support.

You may not have heard of ACRI, but we are…

  • The largest trainer of professional child restraint providers in Australia.
  • The only training provider with programs designed for specific workplace exposures.
  • A specialist provider who can provide real benefits to staff / businesses economically.
  • An affiliate organisation that enhances quality customer relationships.
Why was ACRI started?

In 2005 at a time when there were little resource or support networks for workplaces or organisations to source Child Restraint solutions ACRI was born as an inclusive membership network and training organisation.

Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative aims to empower workplace front-line child restraint users and professional service providers alike. We provide professional informed discussions, support services and instruction addressing the everyday challenges of child transit safety. Through our training programs where we instruct and inform, to our wealth of dedicated members we have an ever expanding database of product knowledge, experience and referral resources.

Benefits of ACRI membership?  
An inclusive national network of ACRI members facilitates knowledge feedback of child transit safety factors from very community and workplace sector that each member benefits from.
  • Training and advice to work at any level.
  • Peace of mind that your organisations is 'Tapped in'
  • Brand and marketing enhancement.
  • Industry recognition.
  • Client support and mediation
What has ACRI contributed?
ACRI were the:
  • First to develop workplace specific, nationally accredited training courses.  
  • First to opt out of the national training framework system. (The arrangement added a cost burden to learners)
  • First to develop on-line staff/workplace auditing services.
  • First to deliver training to every Australian state or territory.
  • First to develop a complete support resource catalogue. Stationary / Risk management items etc:
  • First to develop extensive industry specific on-line training programs.
Why is ACRI unique?
  • We're the only organisation that specialises solely on third party child restraint safety exposures.
  • The only inclusive service provider network in Australia.
  • We're a pro-active support network for all workplace sector service providers.                
  • ACRI is the only organisation capable of delivering quality and specific child restraint training anywhere in Australia.
  • We're also the only CR training organisation not dependent on the Taxpayer's pocket.
Who are ACRI members?
ACRI affiliated members are committed to the safe travel of children through a variety of ways. They may work in the Automotive Service, Childcare or Family Service environments.  Child Restraint product retailing or component manufacturing interests are also involved. Those involved as restraint installation practitioners (Child Passenger Safety Technicians) or as advisory staff are also widely represented.

Training, auditing and support resources are available through ACRI membership. ACRI courses are developed by a select committee of professionals who have worked in the community and retail sectors of child restraint provision with an aggregate 150 years of experience. 

Our Professional accredited members are committed to quality practices in the supply and or operation of child restraint products or services and abide by our code of practice.

(ACRI Code of Practice) 
 (ACRI Mission Statement)

All members across Australia are able to resource local and state road safety authority guidelines, recommendations and laws, Fact sheets and Guidelines. We also help resource services and information for our members and their clients who may be travelling interstate or otherwise outside their area of expertise. Having confidence in referring parents and practitioners onto appropriate providers across Australia.

Let’s all travel safely.

If you're looking for an ACRI registered service provider in any sector of community, use our search function through the green panel link on our homepage. Or click here: www.acri.com.au/FindAShop.aspx 

‘Australian Child Restraint resource Initiative’ is a trading name of Delcon P/L, ABN: 73 005 070 655, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.