About ACRI

The Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative is a member network that specialises in providing individuals and organisations with the optimum level of Child Car Safety Seat training and support.

ACRI is…

  • The largest trainer of professional child restraint providers in Australia.
  • The only training provider that designs and tailors programs to meet specific workplace exposures.
  • The only inclusive service provider network in Australia. We have a comprehensive catalogue of Support materials
  • An affiliate organisation enhancing quality community and customer relationships.

History of ACRI

ACRI was founded in 2005 by a small number of independent passenger safety specialists. Since then establishing a unique and inclusive network that caters for a wide variety of member exposures.

Since inception, an ACRI speciality has been to develop training and support systems that aim at specific frontline use challenges. Programs that are based on constant feedback of what works and doesn’t work at each exposure. We do not provide NFP ‘tick the box’ type training. ACRI pioneered the development of nationally accredited training programs, online audits and risk management support materials.

Our committed ACRI members are beneficiaries of initiatives that are conceived and designed based on decades of frontline client service delivery experience. ACRI has trained thousands of service providers across many industry sectors via face to face group presentations and since 2012 through our online training delivery system as well.

Our Professional accredited members are committed to quality practices in the supply and or operation of child restraint products or services and abide by our code of practice.

(ACRI Code of Practice) 
 (ACRI Mission Statement)

Let’s all travel safely.

If you're looking for an ACRI registered service provider in any sector of community, use our search function through the green panel link on our homepage. Or click here: http://business.acri.com.au/

‘Australian Child Restraint resource Initiative’ is a trading name of Delcon P/L, ABN: 73 005 070 655, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.