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The Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative is a member organisation dedicated to supporting businesses and individuals concerned with the correct use of child restraints.

Formed in 2005 the ACRI is committed to providing peak systems and programs for the management of child restraint services and awareness through either commercial and or community delivery.

ACRI members are from sectors involved in child care, retail supply, installation and consultancy services, engineering and manufacturing.

Our members are there for your benefit, so always look for the ACRI logo to ensure you are dealing with someone who knows how to help you.

We invite you to call on one of our registered practitioners to assist with any concern you have with making the automotive travel of your child safer.

Let’s all travel safely.

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ACRI would like it to be known that we do not promote and or condone international child restraint images being displayed on ACRI member web pages and or in their advertising material. The subtle importance of this aspect is lost to many individual managers and design teams. Once images have been agreed to and purchased it can be difficult to source and institute substitutes.  This factor is unfortunately aligned with those who blatantly promote overseas practices and products, which of course we do not.  ACRI is constantly trying to tidy up this and many other poor message contributions. Please work with us in eradicating misinformation.

Program ‘A’ training (professional level) Scheduled at Bundoora when enrolment forms are submitted.

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