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The Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative is a member organisation dedicated to supporting businesses and individuals concerned with the correct use of child restraints.

Formed in 2005 the ACRI is committed to providing peak systems and programs for the management of child restraint services and awareness through either commercial and or community delivery.

ACRI members are from sectors involved in child care, retail supply, installation and consultancy services, engineering and manufacturing.

Our members are there for your benefit, so always look for the ACRI logo. ACRI registered practitioners can assist you with any concerns about your child's safety, so give them a call. They are there to help.

Let’s all travel safely.

ACRI Overview

ACRI - Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative – is the number one resource for training on child restraint use in Australia, offering specialised training programs and auditing solutions for specific workplace environments.

New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland are all catered for by our services.   Family day care, automotive service, repair, new car sales, professional installation or fitting services, nannies, child care and Family and community services. The car rental industry is also catered for.

ACRI specialises in sharing solutions for easy understanding of child restraint use issues. Improving child restraint safety for all of our littlest road users and making it easier for parents to satisfy themselves that they are doing it right. Media articles from stakeholders have been used to highlight that parents ‘Have to use’ child restraints, but have generally failed in making it simpler for everyone.

One example is that people have been told that they need to use a child restraint, (ie: Capsule, chair, booster, toddler car seat, infant restraint combination restraint, convertible restraint etc:) because of the road rules and to avoid a fine. That's not why we use them.

Child restraint products need to be used to provide a safer environment for our smaller passengers who may either be;

1.    At risk when using an inappropriate restraint system, such as a ‘Seat belt’. Or....

2.    They're under-developed physically and can benefit from specific injury protection devices and practices.

They are the reasons that child restraint systems need to be used. The Road rules are a ‘Big stick’ approach to force us to do something to protect our child passengers against the dynamics that we, as mere mortal road users are generally unaware. The road rules have never been the pinnacle of practices to aim for as they are the minimum safety approach.

Do we need child restraint road rules?  Sadly yes, as they play a part in reminding us of what's important to focus on.  It's just that we don't often know how important

Parents have received many poor messages over the years, including that they couldn't possibly do the installation themselves and that they must rely on a 'licensed' installer. (NB: There is no such option as a 'license' to provide such a service) Both are unhelpful beliefs. Every parent/carer should start their child restraint experience by getting familiar with their restraint, gaining understand about how it should be used, which includes the installation. If they then have any doubt about the correct use of their child's restraint then they should seek out assistance from someone who's been trained on what the correct procedure is for helping others with the use of their restraint, which includes the installation. But, it's not all about the installation. Secondly, it's largely irrelevant who carries out the initial installation aspect. Because, if the day to day user hasn't been briefed on how to monitor the installation, as well as the correct configuration and other use factors on every trip, it could become unsafe in no time at all.

ACRI providers are trained to empower parents and carers via their services and not create dependency.  See our 'Code of Practice'. 

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Child care staff training module now available (Program ‘B’).

Automotive Service Industry training module now available (Program ‘E’).

Car Rental Industry training module now available (Program ‘F’).

Retail Supply training module coming soon (Program ‘R’).

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